Flood threats looms over Oveerlasht valley


The most scenic valley of Oveerlasht is always in danger of Glacial Lake outburst flood and residents of the area appealed to the government to announce construction of protection wall to save this green valley from possible flood havoc.

During a visit to the area, people of this scenic valley Arkari in Chitral and Oveerlasht while narrating their fear said that they could not sleep peacefully at the night because of the possible flood water that every year hit the valley and a constant threat to human lives. The people of the area said that they were always worried about the avalanche and flood water.

They said that the centuries-old glacier lying on the mountains at Mumi in the same valley always caused a devastating flood in which many people died earlier on. “We cannot prevent natural calamities, but we can minimize the rate of damage with better strategies and that is why we have appealed to the government to construct a protection wall to address this long standing threat to human lives.” A protection wall should be built on both sides of flood nullahs so that this area can be saved from any possible flood damage.

It should be noted that Oveer Lasht and its suburbs have a population of 4,000 people, where there is neither a hospital nor a primary school for girls. There is a mountain range on top of which there are centuries-old icebergs i.e. glaciers which can burst at any time and cause a big flood.

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