PML-N’s Zubair dares PTI to sue Financial Times


After British daily Financial Times (FT) published a report investigating how the PTI accrued funds through cricket matches organised under Wootton Cricket Ltd a company owned by Abraaj Group founder Arif Naqvi PML-N leader Mohammad Zubair said on Saturday that this was a moment for PTI chief Imran Khan to “come clean” by accounting for his party’s funds and challenging the FT story in a court.

Addressing a press conference, Zubair also called on the Supreme Court to take suo motu notice and summon Imran in the eight-year-long prohibited funding case, of which the FT story was a “small part”. Zubair’s statements are the latest in a string of criticism of the PTI over the prohibited funding case and demands by the ruling coalition for the case’s closure.

The prohibited funding case, previously called the foreign funding case, was filed by Akbar S. Babar and has been pending since Nov 14, 2014. Babar, who was a founding member of the PTI but is no longer associated with it, had alleged serious financial irregularities in the party’s funding from Pakistan and abroad.—INP

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