Five dead, 915 injured in accidents


At least five persons were killed and 915 injured in 1008 Road Traffic Crashes (RTCs) in all 37 districts of Punjab during the last 24 hours.

Out of this, 477 people were seriously injured who were shifted to different hospitals. Whereas, 438 minor injured victims were treated at the incident site by the rescue medical teams thus reducing the burden of hospitals.

Further, the analysis showed that 444 drivers, 24 underage drivers, 106 pedestrians, and 370 passengers were among the victims of these road traffic crashes.

The statistics show that 194 RTCs were reported in Lahore which affected 187 persons placing the provincial capital at top of the list followed by 74 in Multan with 79 victims and at third Gujranwala with 56 RTCs and 58 victims.