FIFA, the governing body of world football, has opened a disciplinary case against Argentina and its football association the AFA, for offensive player misconduct and violations of fair play at the World Cup final.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee will investigate breaches of its articles 11 (Offensive behaviour and violations of the principles of fair play) and 12 (Misconduct of players and officials) of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, as well as of article 44 of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Regulations in conjunction with the Media and Marketing Regulations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, during the Argentina v. France FIFA World Cup final.

The breaches relate to boisterous celebrations by Argentina’s players who ran through the interview zone after the game on Dec. 18th.

After Argentina beat France in a penalty shootout after a thrilling 3-3 draw at Lusail Stadium in Qatar, its players celebrated wildly.

Three hours after the ceremony, players led by captain Lionel Messi ran and sang through the official interview area and damaged flimsy partition walls without stopping to speak to international broadcast and print media.

FIFA has, however, confirmed that Argentina will not be charged for its antics during the victory parade in Buenos Aires which irked many French nationals.

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez will also not be charged for crudely brandishing the trophy he received on the field as the best goalkeeper at the World Cup.

FIFA has also given no timetable for the Argentina disciplinary case.