Female students at Kankor exam say options for study limited



Some female students who took the university entrance exam in the provinces said that there were limitations on what areas of study they could select.

Female students were restricted from choosing certain majors, including those in journalism, engineering, agriculture, and veterinary, they said.

“There were limitations for girls in this year’s university entrance exam in the provinces in selecting faculties. Girls were not permitted to choose the faculties of engineering and journalism,” said an exam participant named Arezo.

“Unfortunately, for girls some faculties were limited this year, such as agriculture, journalism, we could not choose,” said Sabira, another participant.

However, the Ministry of Higher Education said that some universities have limited the choice of courses for girls in the entrance examination due to the lack of students in some faculties.

“There was no restriction from the Ministry of Higher Education, but maybe some universities have told girls not to choose some faculties which two to three students are in, because there were two or three girls in each faculty and they were asking to change it and it was not easy,” said Khaliddad Taqi, spokesman of the Ministry of Higher Education.—Tolonews

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