Islamic Emirate cabinet not formalized after one year



It has been more than one year since the Islamic Emirate announced its cabinet, and it still has yet to become official.

The Islamic Emirate’s spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, said that the announcement of an official cabinet will take some time.

“The official cabinet takes time. The constitution has yet to be formed. The Afghans living abroad have not come yet. These are the principles of the government, whenever these criteria are met, the government will exist in a normal situation,” he said.

This comes as some political analysts believe that the introduction of an official cabinet will pave the ground for proper governance in the country.

“It has been more than one year since the interim cabinet has been trying to reach the trust of the nation and the international community. This is the time to bring change to this cabinet. Figures should come in the government who will not be acting heads but officially appointed to know and recognize their responsibilities,” said Sayed Ishaq Gailani, leader of the National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan.

“The management of the government by the acting heads caused Afghanistan to be in an uncertain situation. On the other hand, there should be policies implemented which benefit the national interest of Afghanistan and do not violate the rights of the people of Afghanistan,” said Niamatullah Bizhan, an international relations analyst.

This comes as 25 ministries are being headed by acting ministers for more than a year.—Tolonews

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