Fatima Fertilizer’s Ramazan campaign Sarsabz Dua

Staff Reporter

Sarsabz Dua is based on selected verses of Qasida Burda, known in English as the ‘Poem of the Cloak’, also called ‘Glittering Stars in Praise of the Best of Creation’.

It is the most famous work of Imam Sharaf ad-Din al-Busiri, an eminent Sufi poet who was born in Egypt in 1211, best known for his poems which praise the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) He wrote it in a helpless state of paralysis in search of healing.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) not only bestowed his ‘burdah’ upon him in a dream but rewarded this work of love by seeking Allah’s mercy and Shifa for Busiri, who woke from the dream free of paralysis and completely healed.

Qasida Burda, is said to be the most widely-memorized poem in the Muslim world. The legacy of Burdah Shareef 800 years later today, is still a shining example of how a prayer uttered with humility and remorse has the power to potentially change the most challenging of the situations in miraculous of ways.

Sarsabz DUA is a humble tribute, through international collaborations with Egyptian singers Mohamed Youssef & Mohamed Tarek, musicians from Azerbaijan Kenud & Nadir Oglu, and the powerful voice of Pakistan’s national legend Zia Mohiyuddin.

The most noticeable instrument in it being the Suroz played by Ustaad Khawand Baksh and his team from province of Baluchistan in Pakistan.

The concept behind our video is to portray the concept of Naiki ka Beejh Bo’en gae toh Naiki ki Fasal Pa’en gae (You reap what you sow).

It is a touching chain of good deeds passing on through the village and coming back to the person starting them.