Farogh Naseem says not a ‘sore loser’ in Justice Isa case


Former law minister Dr Farogh Naseem on Wednesday said that he was not a “sore loser” in Justice Qazi Faez Isa case.

The office of the ex-law minister issued a statement regarding Justice Isa’s letter to the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) wherein he disassociated himself to be part of the enrolment committee regarding the restoration of Naseem’s practicing licence.

In his letter, Justice Isa had referred to the presidential reference and consequent litigation initiated by him in the Supreme Court and said that Naseem “demonstrated his unwillingness to accept the result of the same, and that he is a sore loser”.“

With the highest respect, the contents of the written statement or letter of Justice Isa’s Senior Private Secretary dated 25.2.2022 (hereafter: “Reply”), in response to Dr Farogh Naseem’s petition to the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) are denied and the contents of the petition are reiterated,” the statement issued by Naseem said.

“In particular, with regard to the contents of para 8 of the Reply, it is stated that Dr Farogh Naseem is on record to have said that Justice Isa’s litigation was not about winning or losing. It is the people of Pakistan who may have won or lost.

Therefore, to say that Dr Naseem is a “sore loser”, is totally incorrect,” said the statement.The statement also stated that in keeping with the law and the Constitution that Justice Isa “recused himself, albeit belatedly”.It added, “Naseem has never held any grudge against Justice Isa and his family. However, Dr Naseem’s licence restoration taking more than 20 days, ipso facto speaks volumes.”

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