President HFP calls for special prayers for Pakistan on Laylat-ul-Qadr



Hamdard Foundation Pakistan said “27th of Ramazan has a great significance in the history of human civilization.

On this day, Allah bestowed upon his eternal guidance, blessings and wisdom on humanity through his book the Holy Quran.

It is indeed the will of Allah that on the 27th of Ramazan, Al-mighty blessed us with Pakistan so that we can reassert our lives and society in accordance with the teachings of holy Quran and be grateful to Allah.”

She said the founder of Hamdard Pakistan, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said was the torch-bearer of the movement of 27th of Ramazan as Independence Day of Pakistan.

Since 1973, Hamdard Pakistan and its affiliates have celebrated this day with national and religious fervor.

Today, as our beloved country faces serious challenges, we must repent and seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness for our mistakes and shortcomings, and pray for Pakistan’s protection and progress.

“On this 27th of Ramazan, we must pledge that we will be grateful to Allah for giving us Pakistan and work day and night for the progress of our country. May Allah accept our prayers and bless Pakistan,” she concluded.