Faisal Islamic Bank’s volume of business up



Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt’s (FAIT)(FAITA) volume of business increased to EGP 102.39 billion at the end of Oct. 2019, compared to EGP 88.339 billion in the same period last year, representing 15.9% growth, the bank stated in a statement sent to EGX. Additionally, the total assets of the bank increased from EGP 86.800 billion in Oct. 2018 to EGP 99.665 billion in Oct. 2019, representing 14.8% growth. The current accounts and deposits rose to EGP 84.252 billion in Oct. 2019, compared to EGP 74.547 billion in the same period of the previous year, representing 13% growth. The bank accounts reached 1,710 by the end of Oct. 2019.—Reuters

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