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Islamabad: Atomcamp, a social enterprise and a continuous learning platform that aims to intellectually and professionally uplift Pakistan’s workforce is organizing a two-day physical art therapy workshop in collaboration with NCA artists at National Skills University, H-8/1 Islamabad on 24th and 25th September 2022.

Previously, atomcamp conducted the art and craft festival at National Skills University, which was a huge success. Children, families, and students from all walks of life participated in the festival and enjoyed it immensely.


The purpose of conducting an art therapy workshop is to spread awareness about how art therapy can play a vital role in healing traumas, fostering self-esteem, gaining confidence, coping with emotional conflicts, and reducing feelings of isolation.

This weekend, atomcamp will dive deep into art therapy to express the innermost feelings. 

The first day of the art therapy workshop will include activities like Clay therapy. The participants will begin with relief work using traditional molding and casting techniques. 

Then they will explore their own personalities and how they relate to symbols creating a self-portrait using various objective forms. 

During the second activity of Day 1, the trainers will teach participants contemporary marbling techniques and how to achieve aesthetic abstraction through painting.

On the 2nd day, there will be a fun and interactive mural activity, where the entire group will paint on a community canvas with instructions and rules. On the canvas, each participant will create an island, and the group members will connect the islands using imagery.

Explaining the purpose of this workshop, Noor Fatime, Art Curator at the PNCA said: “In this art therapy workshop, we will not only teach you how to make things, but we will also teach you how to express yourself and heal your traumas.”

While sharing her goal for the workshop, visual artist Neeli Ahmed said: “The goal of this workshop is for you to gain the most benefit from it and start incorporating art therapy into your everyday life.”

“Art is a great way to express yourself, release your creativity, and explore your emotions. Whether you are doing it for the first time or have done it before, it is a great escape from conflict but also a healing process. We invite everyone to join this activity and enjoy the experience!” Nida Mahmood, COO of Atomcamp, said.

Professor Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, Vice Chancellor of National Skills University Islamabad, also expressed his thoughts about the workshop. He said: “National Skills University promotes learning skills in creative ways. We are open to collaborations to create a community learning environment”.

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