Experts urge to discover strategies behind advertisement


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Every single person in the world has been blessed with the creativity skills and talent. However, it is the responsibility of the individuals to find it out and project it on right time. Everyone can enhance their productively if they manage to use their skills properly.
This is an ear of advertisements and products and brands depends a lot upon the success of their ads otherwise their product or brand cannot sustain in the market. As the advertisements are mostly designed for targeted audience, many others feel that particularly ad is boring or they do not like it all. But, for the business point of view those are ad are as worthy as others.
These views were expressed by the Chief Executive Officer, The Film Company, Mohsin Rizvi, during a seminar on ‘learn how to advertise your idea effectively’. The Department of Psychology, University of Karachi, arranged the event to inform the students strategies required behind advertisement, at Arts Auditorium.
The talk of the seminar focuses on the different strategies behind advertisement. Speakers were invited from the marketing and media field which covers all the aspects of advertising and marketing.
Mohsin Rizvi, who is a renowned advertising director, mentioned that with the easy access to the smart phones, internet and different types of application, anyone can express their talent and often selected for the mega platform by the industry.
The Founder of Transformation International Society, Dr Imran Yousuf, said two strategies are commonly used in marketing the product, either consumer reach to product or product reach to consumer and both works under different circumstances.
He said that due to neuropsychological perspective we are associated to brands through to their identity. He shared that first of all a product should be attractive and capable to engage masses.

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