Experts reject US allegations of genocide in Xinjiang, China

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The experts from UK, Pakistan and China have rejected US and its allies allegations of Muslims genocide in the Muslim majority territory in northwest China.

Speaking at a webinar organised by the Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution, an Islamabad-based think tank, a prominent British scholar, Carlos Martinez said that living in London he is exposed to very intense media propaganda in relation to Xinjiang.

“The Uyghur population from 2010 to 2018 increased from 10.2 million to 12.7 million, an increase of 25%. In the same period, the Han Chinese population in Xinjiang increased by just 2 percent. [so] if there were a genocide taking place in Xinjiang, wouldn’t we expect to see a refugee crisis? Wouldn’t we expect to see refugee camps set up on the borders with Pakistan and Kazakhstan?,” he questioned.

“How is it possible that China is carrying out a genocide but not creating any refugees?,” he questioned while referring to the US and its allies allegations of Uyghurs genocide by Chinese government.

Martinez, who visited Xinjiang in 2020 after US and its allies accused China for genocide in Muslim majority area, said he went there to sought any evidence but he could not found any reality and evidence to prove that Washington charges against China are true.

Speaking to the webinar, Maria Zeb, a Pakistani youth leader, who also visited the Xinjiang region, criticised western media for spreading fake news and said she spent good time with Uyghurs people.

London-based scholar, professor Hugh Coodacre also showed displeasure over US campaign against China, using Xinjiang as propaganda toll and said he is working with Pakistani community in London to counter this propaganda which is spreading against China.

Briefing the participants about the peace and development in Xinjiang, Vice-President of CNIE, former Vice-Minister of the International Department of CPC Central Committee Xu Lvping, said that a few western countries have fabricated and spread lies about Xinjiang, maliciously discredited the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government, with extremely sinister intentions, and their actions have been despised by people in various countries.

“Both history and reality have proved that Xinjiang nowadays enjoys the best period of prosperity and development in history, with people of all ethnic groups living in harmony and working in peace and contentment.”

The living standards, health and education of ethnic groups have been widely improved. She added that Xinjiang has been free from violent terrorist cases for more than four consecutive years.

Speaking the webinar, speakers also criticised the United State for committing Muslim genocide in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries and now want politics on Uygurs Muslims.

“I went Xinjiang 9 time but never saw any incident of human rights violation or any brutal action of Chinese authorities against Muslims,” Mustafa Hyder, Executive Director of Islamabad based think tank said.

Sabah Aslam, Executive Director of ICCR also raised question over US policy to become human rights defender and said why Washington is silent over grave human rights violation in Indian occupied Kashmir.

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