Every brick will be countered with a stone


Imran warns Modi against action in AJK.
Vows painful reprisal while revealing India planning to attack AJK
Mubashar Naqvi
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday vowed to act as Kashmir’s ambassador to the world and assured that Pakistan will use all global forums to help sensitize the world on gravity and enormity of the issue.
He was addressing the special session of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly on the eve of 73rd Independence Day of Pakistan, which the government of Pakistan observed as a day of solidarity with Kashmiris.
The Prime Minister further assured the house that Pakistan will forcefully present the Kashmir case in the United Nations ‘General Assembly session in New York next month.
I will go to the International Court of Justice while also highlighting it in the international media.” Khan announced.
“Modi has erred by acting so rashly. We are all apprehensive of what might happen in Kashmir once curfew is lifted,” he said.
“I believe this is a strategic blunder by Modi and it will backfire against him and the BJP because they have made this into an international issue”, IK added. Khan said he has assumed responsibility of raising the voice of Kashmir in the world by exposing the true face of RSS ideology dominant in India. “I tried to fully expose the true face of BJP and its leader Modi before the world in my statements and tweets”, he told.
“We are not against India, we are against an ideology. The RSS ideology took its inspiration from Hitlers’ Nazi party. Modi used to admire Hitler. They believe in racial superiority. Modi believes that Hindu’s are superior and the people who adhere to the RSS ideology not only hate Muslims but Christians too.” PM stated.
Imran Khan told the house that there are reports that India is now planning to stage action in Azad Jammu and Kashmir in order to divert the world attention from their brutalities in Occupied Kashmir.
“It should not remain under any illusion about our defensive capabilities. We will go to any extent to give response to their aggression. Pakistan will respond with full force if India launches any aggression against Pakistan. Our valiant armed forces but the whole nation is ready to defend the motherland”, Khan warned India.
The Premier however insisted that war is not the solution for anything. He said situation in Kashmir is a test for the UN and that Muslims around the world are looking towards it after Modi threw aside the UN resolution.
IK believes that Modi has no more options as he already played his last card and Kashmir is now moving towards independence.
He warned India that brutal and oppressive tactics applied on Kashmiris lead to reaction. “Even the people in India who were not supporters of two-nation theory in the past have now realized that it was their mistake”. Khan added.
“Extremist mindset and ideology of Hindus was responsible for killing of Mahatma Gandhi. This ideology also showed its ugly face in Gujarat carnage of Muslims. Prime Minister said.“Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was initially a proponent of a joint struggle of independence with Hindus. But later he parted ways after realizing that Hindu majority wanted to subjugate Muslims after the independence of India”, PM further added.
, Prime Minister Khan arrived here via a helicopter

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