Modi lays foundation for his destruction in Kashmir


Staff Reporter


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information and Public Relations Shaukat Ali Yousafzai has said that the real face of India and Modi has been revealed to the world by the atrocities on Kashmiris. Addressing a seminar organized by the Peshawar Press Club to celebrate India’s Independence Day as black day to show unity and support for Kashmiris, Shaukat said Prime Minister Imran Khan was fighting the case of Kashmiris across the world. Before taking any action against Kashmiris and Pakistan, Modi should ask his pilot Abhi Nandan that how much professional the Pakistani army is and how much Pakistanis are sensitive towards their country.
He said that it was not the time to protest, opposition should unite for Kashmir, protest would strong the narrative of India, Such protest would not stop the accountability of corrupt people. Prime Minister Imran Khan has effectively raised the issue of Kashmir all over the world that is why we have achieved success at the diplomatic level internationally and Russia has also indicated support for Kashmir in UN Security Council.
He said that Modi had laid the foundation for his destruction in Kashmir. Our nation has defeated terrorism and in the present situation, the nation and army stand by the people of Kashmir. He said that our nation and army are dedicated to the spirit of faith and no nation in the world can defeat us.

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