Evercare Hospital to conduct free diabetes camp


Staff Reporter

Evercare Hospital Lahore (EHL) is raising awareness about diabetes in Pakistan by providing free spot testing.
Around the world, 1 in 11 adults is living with diabetes, and it is estimated that half of these adults with diabetes are still undiagnosed. Pakistan has the 4th highest prevalence of diabetes, with an estimated 19.4 million diagnosed patients. Due to increasing numbers, it is estimated that Pakistan will move up to the 3rd highest diabetes prevalence by 2045.
To raise awareness, Evercare Hospital is offering free check-ups for patients at the hospital on the otherday. Evercare Hospital is one of the few multi-specialty tertiary care facilities in Lahore, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and led by an experienced clinical team with both local and international experience.
“As dedicated health-care professionals, we want to make sure that we provide the best possible service to the city’s residents,” Dr Hafiz Abdul Rauf Consultant Physician Evercare said, “And this includes raising awareness about a disease that is so prevalent in our nation.
We hope that people take advantage of this opportunity to get themselves tested.”
Evercare Hospital Lahore delivers a wide spectrum of clinical services through an integrated healthcare approach. The hospital is part of The Evercare Group.