EU legislator’s wise stance on HRs in IIOJK commendable: Ali Raza


Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Ali Raza Syed has lauded wise stance of chair of European Parliament Sub-committee for criticizing India over worse situation of human rights in occupied Kashmir and rights of the minorities and other oppressed sections of masses in India.

It is worth mentioning here that Maria Arena, chair of the EU’s parliament sub committee for Human rights while addressing a recent online session of the parliament expressed her grave concerns over the worse situation of human rights in occupied Kashmir and as well rights of the minorities in India.

Talking about upcoming EU-India summit on 8th May in Portugal, she said, this meeting is an important opportunity for EU authorities to talk about human rights in India because civil society, journalists, students and the members of the minorities are under pressure in India, particularly India has forcibly closed the office of amnesty international which is condemnable.

Chair of EU parliament sub committee further advised the European Union to ask India to release the political prisoners, remove sanctions on freedom of expression, and allow the human rights organizations to work specially end the lockdown and other restrictions in occupied Kashmir.

In a statement while welcoming the statement of European legislator Ms. Maria arena, chairman of Kashmir Council Europe Ali Raza Syed said, she has correctly defended the human rights in occupied Kashmir and India and correctly raised the issue of human rights before the EU.

Ali Raza Syed stated that EU should prefer the human rights in its trade dialogue with India and trade and investment agreements should be conditioned with the Indian promise to protect human rights.

He said, Kashmiris are suffering for last seven decades, but their hardships and miseries have been increased as Indian authorities took direct control of Jammu and Kashmir and imposed severe restrictions on the people of this disputed territory.

Chair of KC-EU added, several arrests of the political workers, constant lockdown, suspension of internet service and restriction on social media, forced disappearances of the youth and their killings created a harsh panic among the masses.

Occupied Kashmir is witness of brutal state terrorism committed by the Modi government and there are many international reports concerning the poor situation of human rights and brutalism by the Indian forces but Indian atrocities are continued such criminal acts without any hurdle.

Ali Raza Syed also lauded former Member of European parliament Dr Sajjad Karim, who always supported rights of people Jammu and Kashmir.—INP

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