Ethiopia all set to join COMSATS


Zubair Qureshi

A ten-member Ethiopian delegation hailing from various fields of life including science & technology, agriculture, business community visited Commission on Science And Technology on Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) headquarters to explore possibility of Ethiopia’s joining the COMSATS as member state.
The delegation was headed by Minister for Foreign Affairs Ethiopia Dr Markus Tekle and Trade Minister and Misiganu Arega.
Executive Director COMSATS Dr S M Junaid Zaidi received the delegation and gave a comprehensive briefing about the working, functions and achievements of the COMSATS. He highlighted the benefits of joining COMSATS.
With joining COMSATS, Ethiopia will be declared a member state and its Science & Technology/R&D institutions will establish a working relationship with COMSATS member states and will get all the required guidance and support to become a centre of excellence.
COMSATS has currently 27 members from Asia, Africa and Latin America and currently there are 22 international centres of excellence from member and non-member countries at COMSATS credit.
Dr Zaidi requested the heads of the Ethiopian delegation to take up the matter of joining COMSATS with their government. Ethiopian membership will enhance standing of the commission and lead to two other East African countries—Kenya and Rwanda—to join COMSATS, said Dr Zaidi.
COMSATS a brainchild of the Nobel laureate Dr Abdus Salam is working for sustainable socio-economic uplift of the developing countries through judicious application of science & technology. Ethiopian delegation’s head assured that the proposal keeping in view the benefits of joining COMSATS as member state will be considered favourably by his government.