Specialist stresses for promoting early detection, treatment of ‘Thyroid cancer’


In order to create awareness about ‘thyroid cancer’, health specialist Friday advised Public to approach specialists as early as possible so that they could be diagnosed and treated before they become cancerous.
Talking to private news channel, an Endocrinologist Dr Urooj Rehman said early screening for Thyroid can prevent cancer by finding early lesions so they can be treated.
She also called for widespread public education campaigns for women as like all other types of cancers, ‘’we can control fatality from thyroid cancer too by making people aware of its symptoms and through early diagnosis”.
She said ‘thyroid cancer’ is one of the most common cancers that can affects women 3 times high as often as men and this disease rising just because of lack of awareness and deficiency of Iodine.
Fortunately, with a timely diagnosis and the expertise of a multidisciplinary team, “we can cure most patients with a minimally invasive operation that typically has people back to their normal lives within a week or two”, she added.—APP