Essence of Riasat-e-Madina | By Aijaz Ahmed


Essence of Riasat-e-Madina

IN most of our problems we don’t need to go to IMF but can solve only with acumen, without any burden on nation’s reserves. There is a need to support and make independent decisions away from the party.

To have fruits of the state of Medina, some simple and very useful steps can be taken for the benefit of the people.

We don’t care of wasting time of our people which can be seen in every government office. We can protect our people from disrespect and bribery.

Here’s no need to discuss on importance of self-respect of a citizen but just a few steps needed For example, the Prime Minister’s Portal should not be limited for complaints but more features should be added.

Some features for property documents like Fard, PT-1 and NEC can be easily provided on the portal or at least immediately where the record has been computerized.

Similarly, identity card, passports and many other forms that require hours of queuing can be submitted online.

One of the good actions of the previous government was that measures were taken against adulteration which has now been completely ignored.

We have many types of mafias active and, of course, adulteration mafia is more powerful than sugar mafia.

Authorities of food department where suspended should be restored and this department should be more strengthened that unaltered food become a dream .

We have to restructure the education system as the Islamic studies should be optional but Muamalat must be made a compulsory subject in all public and private schools, including Madaris.

In our current education system, only individual training can shape an Islamic society. We have degrees but need yet to be civilized. The educated class is more corrupt than the illiterate.

We don’t need to import Japanese education system or will Swiss experts have, but only the teaching of true honesty and the Islamic injunctions will suffice.

Our traffic system is a witness to how much we are a law-abiding nation. Motorcycles are undoubtedly a poor man’s ride, but this facility is also a big part of destroying the traffic system.

About 80% of the people do not have a driving license and a large number of drivers below eighteen years cannot be welcomed and needed to be dealt with and overcome.

Provincial governments urgently need to pay attention to prevent motorcyclists from entering the road without a license and impound the motorcycles of underage drivers.

This will not only reduce the difficulty in the flow of traffic but will also help in preventing accidents in the future.

Motorcycles are mainly being discussed because the vast majority of them do not have a licence, otherwise there is a significant number of other vehicles without a license. Thus, our traffic system is one of our major glitches and need perseverance.

We are about to be 74 years old but our institutions seem to be run by a white government even today.

In an independent country a citizen is considered to be the owner while government officials as public servants but Plaques say by order of Deputy Commissioner Sahib or DPO, RPO Sahib.

Notice on every railway gate that this gate can be closed for fifteen minutes. In case of delay, register a complaint. DS Railway.

It is better to write an apology instead of an order. Anyway the railway DS is not the ruler of the people but just a railway employee and can order his subordinates.

We have to take practical steps to change this authoritarian attitude and thinking. This will be a milestone in the journey of change.

In the state of Medina, the citizen must be respected that in the Islamic state, whites have no superiority over blacks, here nothing different but everyone has equal rights.

We don’t believe on the theory that Plisses and Ferguson are equal, but different. Sovereignty belongs to Allah and this is also our constitution.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Gujrat.

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