Erdogan’s unrivalled popularity


TURKEY’S President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was unanimously re-elected leader of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party in a Congress in the capital Ankara.

After being nominated by top party officials, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was re-elected Chairman for a seventh term at the party’s 7th Ordinary Grand Congress. Out of 1,431 ballots, Erdogan got 1,428 valid votes, with no vote cast against him.

Erdogan’s re-election and the votes he received really indicate his unrivalled popularity in his home country.

Definitely, it is his visionary and forward looking approach that has made him so popular and one also saw its manifestation back in 2016 when the entire Turkish population stood by their leader against the military coup.

People always love and remember those leaders who care for them more than their personal interests. Erdogan also comes in the category who has worked really hard to take forward his country.

Ever since assuming the power, Turkey has made major economic strides which indeed is the basis of stability inside the country.

With the implementation of a well-designed safety net, the Turkish leadership has significantly improved people’s material wellbeing.

One of the major reforms carried out by the ruling party has been the creation of a general healthcare insurance system that covers both citizens and foreign residents in the country.

Over the years, a colossal amounts of money has been spent in Turkey for the renovation of public hospitals and the establishment of an individual pension system.

We have no doubt in saying that the improvement in living standards of the people of Turkey would not have been possible without the farsighted leadership of Erdogan who is also equally popular in the entire Muslim Ummah especially Pakistan.

Along with Prime Minister Imran Khan, we really consider Erdogan as the true voice of Muslim Ummah who has always persistently and fearlessly raised the problems faced by the Islamic countries.

His unequivocal stance on Kashmir and Palestine disputes is known to everybody.

Whilst on behalf of Pakistani nation, we congratulate the Turkish President for his re-election as Chairman of the ruling party, we are confident that he will continue raising his voice for the Muslims facing oppression and tyranny in parts of the world.

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