Eid-ul-Fitr prayers unlikely in Srinagar Jamia Masjid



In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Eid-ul-Fitr prayers at historic Jamia Masjid in Srinagar are unlikely to take place this year as the management of the masjid has not accepted the conditions put forth by the authorities.

The conditions were put forth by authorities during a meeting at the office of the Deputy Commissioner which was attended by the management of the masjid.

Senior officials told the media that the management was asked to complete the prayers by 7:00am and that too inside the premises. The management was asked to take responsibility for any untoward incident that included sloganeering or any anti-India activity.

Officials said that the management wanted prayers by 9.30am that is unacceptable. Pertinently, on the occasion of Shab-e-Qadr and Jumat-ul-Wida, the authorities had temporarily closed historic Jamia Masjid.

Earlier, Anjuman-e-Auqaf Jamia Masjid Srinagar announced that as per Islamic tradition Eidul Fitr prayers would be offered at the historic Eidgah in Srinagar at 9.30 am. It urged the people to participate in the Ijtima in large numbers to express unity and maintain discipline.

In case of Rain or bad weather Eid namaaz will be offered at historic Jamia Masjid, Srinagar. Auqaf members expressed great dismay that after disallowing Muslims of the valley to pray at Jamia Masjid on Jumatul Wida and Shab-e-Qadr , authorities are now not allowing Muslims to offer Eid prayers in the open at Eid Gah.—KMS