Eid shopping gains momentum in provincial capital


With the start of the last Ashra of Ramadan, Eid shopping is picking up momentum in the provincial capital as a rush of buyers is being witnessed in almost all markets and shopping malls after Iftari till late at night. A number of local brands have displayed the latest Eid editions of dresses, shoes, and other essential accessories to attract buyers and gain maximum profits.

The young girls along with their family members come out for shopping soon after breaking fast and are seen busy buying shoes, cosmetics, ready-made garments, eye-catching artificial jewellery, multi-colored bangles.

Like pre-vious years, this year too, a colour-ful variety of stalls have been set up in different cities of the country for Eid in which various types of cosmetics, earrings, glittering ban-gles, embroidered clothes, and je-wellery have been displayed, said a citizen. A survey shows that seasonal businesses related to the Eid have also picked up after a long period of depression.

The shopping centres in Gulberg and on The Mall are packed with customers, mostly women, and shopkeepers have increased prices expecting customers to bargain.

The sale of clothing, cosmetics and shoes is on its peak and bangles, cards and jewellery stalls have been set up throughout the city. “It is the best time to shop for Eid,” said Naveela, a Punjab University student shopping at Auriga Complex, because prices will increase as Eid approaches.

Besides markets and shopping malls, bakeries, sweet shops and eateries are also flooded with shoppers, especially during evenings and at night. Pointing towards a series of makeshift stalls offering bangles, imitation jewellery and other fashion accessories, a shopper Muhammad Hafeez complained that most shopkeepers had jacked up prices to fleece citizens. He pointed out that most vendors had displayed ‘SALE’ banners in front of their shops but in reality, prices were far above normal days.

Huge stocks of beverages, confectionary items and other Eid related specialities have already reached stores. However, the sale of sweets and bakery products will get a boost with sighting of the new moon, said a manager of bakery store.