Ehsaas for all ? | By M Abeer Khan


Ehsaas for all ?

MAY I draw the attention of Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation, Social Security, in relevance to various Ehsaas projects for undergraduate scholarships for deserving and needy students, studying in public universities only (not private universities) with income below Rs 45,000/-
We have painfully noticed that financial aid is meant only for students of public universities and if students studying in private universities are not Pakistani citizens? Why are they deprived of financial help? According to the Constitution, all Pakistanis from any category, race and religion have equal rights on the Govt purse and they are to be treated without any discrimination? How do we consider Pakistan a would be Madina State if there is so much diversity in policy as far as the financial help in concerned for the needy students?
We request the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan to intervene to stop this discriminative treatment to private universities students and announce equal treatment for financial assistance to both public and private universities students in all Ehsaas projects, after assessing their eligibility irrespective of their income.

I am a son of a retired naval officer, who was bestowed with distinguished services awards by the President of Pakistan for serving the country on high seas during 1971 War

He is completely debilitated and passing his last days of life, bed-ridden with 4th degree of Prostate cancer.

Pakistan Navy refused to help me because the pension of my father is slightly above Rs 45,000/- Can a family thrive with children, for their living expenses and education in a small rented house in Rawalpindi with current sky-rocketing prices.

I am a student of D. Pharm at Riphah International University and after completion of 2 years I cannot afford to continue my 4-year undergraduate studies, half–way through due to financial crises.

The word Ehsaas means extreme sensitivity and sympathy for the needy ones in any sections of the society, especially the students. Is this is the Poverty Alleviation Ehsaas? Or meant for special section of people.

I am sure, that Ehsaas is going to be real Ehsaas, If we follow No-Ehsaas we are going to meet the same fate as far as the financial assistance of previous governments.

The oral lip-service of our responsible leaders will not benefit the deserving and financially debarred children? Who are forced to abandon their studies incomplete due to monetary difficulties.

I request our highly devoted and inspirational PM’s Special Assistant and President of Pakistan to look into such policies/projects ensuring the needy and deserving children from both public and private universities to acquire high education as it is their birth right in Pakistan, irrespective of their financial status.

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