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Child labour

It is fair to state child labour as a common practice across the world. Children are believed to be the future of a nation.

However, there are many children across the world whose futures are destroyed due to early age employment. Child labour is a global crime. It is one of the burning issues in Pakistan, which is home to at least 1 million child labourers.

It is a child’s basic right to be educated yet when these children are asked the reason behind working; they either reply that they cannot afford education or they have to support their families.

Children are flowers of heaven. They are the most beautiful and purest creation of the Almighty. They are innocent and, undoubtedly, beauty of this world.

Many Pakistani children cannot go to school due to financial issues and as a result, they have to abandon or kill their aspirations and dreams. They are forced to earn a living for themselves and for their families from an early age.

Teachers’ woes

Education is regarded as the strongest pillar of any nation and the teachers are the architects who build this pillar stronger. But, it’s worsening and saddening that this profession is opted as a chance not as a choice.

It’s alarming that our last option is teaching. The reason behind this compulsive & reluctant attitude is that teachers are not regarded genuinely.

Teachers are powerless. They don’t share anything in government decision making. They’re not given any power or authority that they may bring any change on their own.

If we give teachers the same perks and protocols that bureaucrats enjoy, all the young and talented minds would wholeheartedly opt for the teaching profession.

If we want to change the destiny of our nation, we must change the conditions of teachers. We should strengthen their hands economically and emotionally.

If teachers are provided with a uniform that should have a prestige higher than others, given all priorities with protocols & if they get saluted by all other forces then you would see a bulk of people opting for this noble profession.

But the reality is that teaching is a low paid and thankless job. Teachers spend their ages in making their students successful, they equip youths with such qualities that they can furnish all the luxuries for the future. Whereas, teachers’ own future is left at the mercy of fate.
Sanghar, Sindh


World Teacher’s Day is celebrated on October 5 every year. On this day students show their love and gratitude to their teachers for making them achieve something in life.

The observation of this day aims to raise awareness of the vital role teachers to play over the world. Furthermore, teachers are like a ladder that helps students reach upstairs.

We should respect and appreciate this noble profession. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Daytime streetlights

I have been observing this for a few months that as I pass by University Road, an object shines in the morning sky, even when the sun is out, which turns out to be a streetlight that remains turned on throughout the day.

Before imposition of recent lockdown in my city, I have observed that even when sun is shining bright, the street lights are not turned off which is a waste of electricity in a bustling city where such power is immensely required.

If streetlights are not turned off in their due time, this wastage of power will further lead to additional power-cuts and load shedding in the city.

Education for everyone

It is an undeniable fact that education works as fuel to development and prosperity for a nation. Classrooms are a basic unit of education system.

Undoubtedly classrooms offer knowledge, implant essential skills and design human intelligence, which plays a significant role in deciding a nation’s future at all fronts of development including economical, political, social and technological.

Resultantly, having quality education policies enacted, favourable results can be achieved such as reduced poverty and unemployment; increase in GDP gains as a result of foreign remittances or FDI, improved scientific research work and technological advancement, social stability, peace and harmony and inclusive global participation.

Besides, all above mentioned benefits could never gain optimum desired level unless women are accommodated in classrooms.

Moreover, technical and religious education must be integrated into mainstream national academic education system to produce potentially favourable outcomes.

Evidently, lack of education directs a nation to a bleak future resulting in increased illiteracy, shrunk financial and non-financial resources and diminished moral standards of a society.

Naudero, Sindh

Govt hospitals lack facilities

Want to draw government’s attention towards few medical facilities in government hospitals even during this period of global pandemic. The healthcare system is extremely poor and getting worst day by day.

Physicians and doctors on duty are absent and completely neglecting their hospital duties which should be performed punctually. Essential medical instruments are unavailable.

Hospitals do not maintain standard hygiene while SOPs are not observed at all. There is a shortage of oxygen masks and vaccines and if you miraculously find them somewhere, then they are being sold on double their actual prices.

All of this contributes to increase in Covid death rates. People’s complaints are totally neglected by hospital’s management and higher authorities. It’s high time government takes strict actions to resolve all these issues.

Poor sanitation

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan and faces a lot of daily problems and poor sanitation is one of them.

There is no proper cleaning and sweeping in most areas including Federal B Area. Heaps of rubbish are lying everywhere, giving out foul smells and resulting in the breeding of mosquitoes.

I would request KMC authorities to look into this matter and save people from various diseases being spread due to prevailing unhygienic conditions.

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