Egyptian startup Trella blazes trail in trucking business


Gone are the days when transportation meant moving cargo from point A to point B. The advent of the latest fleet management technologies has brought in a new breed of companies that are spotting the canyons and building bridges over them. One such company is Cairo-based Trella.

Also referred to as the Uber for trucks, Trella is a trucking platform that connects shippers with trucks, driving efficiency in a highly inefficient logistics industry. It is an idea whose time has come. The digital freight platform, launched in 2018, has already carved its niche in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan.

Much of the credit goes to the company’s founder Omar Hagrass who led Uber Eats’ expansion plans in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It’s here that he sowed the idea of trucking as a service. His desire is now to empower the communities around him and make his platform global.

“I intend to work hard, make more good decisions than bad ones, provide a product our customers want, and build a culture our employees and communities are proud to be associated with,” said Omar Hagrass.

What makes the business model scalable and sustainable is the simplicity in connecting the supply-side and the demand-side of the business using an intelligent platform.

“Shippers enter into priced contracts with Trella and post loads on the platform, which immediately generates prices for carriers, who can book the load. Once a carrier delivers the load, Trella pays the carrier and invoices the shipper,” said Hagrass while elaborating on his company’s business model.—Arab news


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