Effective steps taken to ensure prompt supply of flour: CM


Effective measures have been taken to ensure the prompt supply of subsidized flour in the province.

In a statement issued on Monday, Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi noted that the flour sale points have been increased along with enhancing the daily flour quota of flour mills to 26 metric tons.

Flour is available throughout the province due to the timely government measures, he maintained.

The CM added that directions have been issued to the food department and administrative officers to ensure the supply and availability of flour.

Strict checking has been ensured at exit points of the province to stop the smuggling of wheat and flour; he further said and made it clear that indiscriminate action will be taken against those involved in the smuggling of wheat and flour.

The government was taking every measure to provide relief to the poor and there is ample stock of wheat to meet the needs of the people, he concluded.