Drone-like object over Bani Gala, Bhara Kahu prompts search operation

Drone-like object over Banigala, Bhara Kahu prompts search operation
This file photo shows the front lawn of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Bani Gala mansion

After a drone-like object was seen in the Bani Gala and Bhara Kahu regions on Wednesday, law enforcement authorities were notified and a search operation was started.

The device was spotted in the sky near the prime minister’s house and other significant buildings in the region, according to reports.

The search was started after Bhara Kahu and Bani Gala police received reports that a “drone-like” item had been spotted in the sky in their jurisdictions.

When called, Station House Officer Inspector Tipu Sultan verified that an object had been seen in the sky near Bani Gala, prompting a search effort.

“Police continued searching for a long time but nothing was found,” he said.

The search, which lasted more than two hours, was also aided by Bhara Kahu police.

A Bhara Kahu police officer also stated that they got a similar call yesterday night, but that no evidence was discovered.

Due to the security situation across the country, law enforcement in the capital had already been put on high alert.

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