Minar-e-Pakistan incident: Medical examination confirms assault on woman

Minar-e-Pakistan: Medical examination confirms assault on woman

The victim’s medical examination report, which confirmed details of the injuries she sustained after being attacked, was published by the Punjab government on Friday.

The woman’s body exhibited signs of inflammation, including swollen neck, right hand, and ears, according to the report.

Three scratches are evident on the right side of her chest, as well as scratches on her left arm, back, and both legs.

Her body also has numerous bruises, according to the report.

On Independence Day, the Punjab police arrested 20 individuals on suspicion of assaulting and molesting a lady near Lahore’s Minar-e-Pakistan. The suspects have been handed over to the CIA for further questioning.

They were arrested in Iqbal Park’s vicinity.

The suspect’s information has been submitted with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), and the authorities are awaiting an identification report before proceeding.

The culprits were arrested after police acquired recordings of a brutal attack on a woman Tiktoker who was filming for her channel on July 4th that went viral on social media.

Following NADRA’s findings, the police will ask the victim to identify the suspects.

After a video went viral on social media showing hundreds of men beating a woman as she walked to the park with four of her friends to celebrate Independence Day, the Minar-e-Pakistan assault became known. The woman had been assaulted by 400 males, according to the authorities.


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