Drawing open the curtain . . !


MONSOON weather isn’t the most cheerful weather! It certainly isn’t, and persistent rain, along with rumbling thunder adds to a feeling of impending doom.

My daughter who studied in Seattle told me even there, skies are overcast most of the time, and it is one place where psychiatrists and psychologists have flourishing practices because many tend to fall into a state of depression.

One can collectively manage to go through these dark periods, fortifying ourselves with thoughts that it is after all just the weather and nothing more, till some form of disaster strikes, Covid-19 being one of them.

Very often a loved one sick or dead! The thundering showers or persistent drizzle, continue drumming up dark, dismal, depression! This morning, I stood outside and gazed up, my heart and mind in deep despair.

Dark clouds and greying skies mocking my forlorn frame of mind. And then I felt the edges of same clouds take on a new shade, and out of same clouds, the sun sprang forth, bright and spinning, as it sent it’s ray, magical and forceful directly onto me, and even as my face lighted up, and dismal mind felt hot cheer, it disappeared, back behind unfriendly clouds.

But strangely same clouds were not formidable anymore. The sun in one split second had sent sad me, a message, that light and joy were there as bright as ever, and it was only I who could not see beyond them clouds.

I stared hard at the clouds, and realized that like dark curtains drawn at night to hide a streetlight’s rays from entering a bedroom, the clouds were just that, merely curtains!

Nothing can take away the permanence of the light beyond! Nothing, rob us of joy, even death is temporary, just a door someone passes through and carries on with his or her living, while I carry on with mine.

But in that brief moment, a window allowed hope in, that I, like a pilot of an aircraft could fly through dismal cloud into bright dazzling light, or I could stay below and know with complete assurance that up there, the light shone brightly.

And as I thought of sunny episode I’d just been through, I knew ‘twas more than just a tugging apart of curtains to reassure a doubting me, but it was symbolic of a God above, who through sunshine or rain, bright days or dark was absolutely there for me!
Suddenly as thunders rumble, and dark clouds make monster faces at me, I smile and laugh out loud, knowing now, I needed no second peep from yellow fiery ball to tell me Who stands by me through dark, dismal, dreary days! All I’d to do, was part the curtain, and find my weariness cheered to laughter..!

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