Dr Yasmin orders preparing PC1 for girls hostel



Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid has ordered for preparing the PC-1 for girls hostel at the University of Child Health Sciences. She issued the instructions while addressing the participants in the opening session of the two-day Allied Health Sciences Conference at the University of Child Health Sciences, here on Wednesday.

The provincial minister said that Children Hospital Lahore was a unique hospital for treatment of children. For the first time, she added, the government recruited more than 300 grade-17 technologists. She said that the Sehat Sahulat Card was the achievement through which patients were treated in major hospitals of Punjab. She said that the government was trying to complete the human resources in the Departments of Anesthesia and Radiology in the government teaching hospitals of the province.

The department had been instructed to send a summary for the stipend for the children of the School of Allied Health Sciences and graduates of Allied Health Sciences and steps were being taken for house jobs.

The minister said that the science of treating children is different, adding that research would be done to protect children from dangerous diseases in the University of Child Health Sciences. Students would have an opportunity to learn a lot at the Allied Health Sciences Conference. She said that the government would continue to play its role for development of medical education in Punjab. Vice Chancellor University of Child Health Sciences Professor Masoud Sadiq thanked the minister for participating in the conference.Principals and medical superintendents of medical colleges and hospitals attended the conference. Head of Delegates from Glasco Professor Charlotte Wright, faculty members and a large number of students also participated in the event.

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