Division of South Waziristan into two districts celebrated


A grand ceremony was held at the house of MPA Naseerullah Khan Wazir regarding the division of tribal district of South Waziristan into two districts.

People also thanked MPA Naseerullah Khan Wazir for laying the net of development projects in the area and praised him for his excellent services in the area, A dignified function was organized at MPA’s house to celebrate the day of thanks giving for the division of two districts.

On this occasion, the tribal elders expressed special gratitude to former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan, MPA Naseerullah Wazir and his father, former Customs Collector Nasrullah Wazir.

Tribal elders said that MPA Naseerullah Khan and his father retired customs collector Intelligence Nasrullah Khan Wazir have won the hearts of the people of Lower Waziristan by fulfilling their pre-election promise to the tribal elders in Wana.

In this regard, tribal elders Malik Rez Muhammad Dinoor, Malik Musa Jan Karmaz Khel, Malik Dost Muhammad Toji Khel, Malik Shah Mahmood Karmaz Khel and Wana All Councilor alliance president Sahib Khan Wazir and others while addressing the Thanks giving Day ceremony said, That the credit for the government notification to divide South Waziristan into two districts goes to MPA Naseerullah Khan Wazir and his father Nasarullah Khan retired customs intelligence collector By laying the web of development projects in the area, the backwardness of the residents of the area will be removed.

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