Digital literacy on card in schools: Tarakai


Staff Reporter


Minister for Education, Shahram Khan Tarakai on Friday said that Elementary and Secondary Education Department with support of KP Information Technology Board was introducing “digital literacy for all” in the public sector schools.
He said that the program aims to impart digital skills to the kids of early age group in more innovative and engaging way.
He said Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa is going to be the first province of that will upgrade the existing education sector through digital technologies.
“ With the help of GoogleforEdu, we are going to digitally enable the educational institutions all over province and will ensure that teachers are technologically trained and later on this digital literacy will be passed on to the students as well”.
Shahram said that Elementary and Secondary Education is developing an E-transfer policy for the convenience of teachers. Teachers’ time will not be wasted and they will be transfer in a dignified manner, he said.

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