Did Imran Khan undergo hair transplant surgery before tying the knot with Reham Khan?


ISLAMABAD – Famous leaders are best known for their natural charisma while physical appearance also plays a crucial part which even forced many people into going to lengths when it comes to maintaining their looks. It’s no surprise that several politicians underwent cosmetic procedures in a quest to look younger and fresher as they believe their looks contributed to success.

Much like many populist leaders, former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan managed to woo the country’s masses as millions see him as the only ‘hope of survival’.

Before reaching the office of PM, Imran tied the knot with former TV host Reham Khan who later parted ways with PTI chief and made some explosive revelations in her autobiography.

Lately, the former BBC weather girl claimed that cricketer turned politician had a hair transplant. In a recent interview, the outspoken personality mentioned finding some paperwork which she linked with the hair transplant of former PM – who is known for his evergreen looks.

Reham mentioned finding a paper while cleaning her bed. Recalling the 90s era, she said Imran Khan had more hair now than he had during his philanthropy days. She said noticing his former husband massaging his head in a strange way, adding that she learned later that Imran was massaging as per the document she found under her bed.

Meanwhile, Imran, following his previous approach, remained tightlipped about the alleged disclosures from his former wife.

In 2018, Reham made headlines for making wild disclosures about Imran Khan and of late got hitched to US-based Pakistani digital content creator Mirza Bilal.

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