Determined to thwart enemy’s intentions | By Attiya Munawer


Determined to thwart enemy’s intentions

THE unity, affection and full support between the people and the army is the most important link which is the source of strengthening the national defence.

Therefore, in modern warfare techniques, the greatest tactic of the enemy forces is to weaken the love and devotion between the army and the people.

The Chief of Army Staff has been warning the nation for many years about the tactics of hybrid warfare by which the enemy forces try to create distance between the nation and the army by spreading false news, flooding speculations and other means.

It is a historical fact that the defence forces of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan have always been on the same page for the defence of the country against every challenge facing the country, be it internal or external and failing the enemy to carry out their nefarious intentions.

It is ironic that on social media, people have started a storm of speculation and criticism that seeks to tarnish the image of state institutions by targeting them.

Rallies and protests against government policies are a democratic right not only of political parties but also of the people.

It is unacceptable to take such protests in a way that mocks state institutions or gives the impression that they are weak.

While the enemy elements are taking advantage and also getting a chance to freeze its free will.

Our political parties are very vocal about external interference, but they are not ready to change their attitude to prevent it.

The Government and the Opposition must blame each other for gaining power but dragging state institutions into this political Opposition is by no means correct. There is no solely political party in it, yet all political parties are involved.

In this context, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa had to be convinced that the enemy forces have long been trying to create divisions, but they will not succeed in their nefarious aims.

The Army Chief’s statement also suggests that a timely and united response is essential to effectively counter speculation and rumours.

There are a lot of things happening around us that should be noticed by all Pakistanis as a nation because they have to do not only with our economy and social life but also with our national security requirements.

The fighter pilot Abhinandan, who was sent by India for a so-called surgical operation, had just been arrested on Pakistani soil.

The incidents of Indian spy drones being shot down in the sector and the missiles that recently flew from India to Mian Channu are not such that one can only overlook.

Pakistan is facing various challenges in many respects which need to be overcome by turning them into opportunities.

The country is currently going through a very critical period and no conspiracy can be tolerated to weaken the state institutions and allow the enemy forces to create a gulf of hatred between the army and the people.

Political differences have their place but at this time there is an urgent need to protect the integrity of the country by putting the sanctity of the institutions first.

If the institutions are strong, democracy will be strengthened and internal and external conspiracies will be dealt with.

It is imperative that the entire nation send a strong message of solidarity and stand with the institutions for the country’s integrity.

—The writer is a regular columnist, based in Lahore.