Desire Properties, Home Solution London ink agreement



Agreement signed between Desire Properties and Home Solutions London According to the details, an agreement has been reached between Desire Properties and Home Solutions London, the leading property company of the country, and the agreement was signed.

This solemn ceremony of the agreement took place in a local hotel in Karachi, in which it was decided that sales centers will be established in London and America by Memon Group of Companies, a well-known construction company of the country.

According to more details, Desire Properties and Home Solutions together want to provide more convenience and facilities to overseas Pakistanis, for which both the well-known companies are going to open offices in London and America. An e-portal will be created to make the convenience and service more convenient and easy for everyone to access the company and all the work details and the progress report of the company will be included in this e-portal.

The tension of client’s documentation and payments will also end. Memon Group of Companies in Guinea is one of the famous and well-known companies with offices in Pakistan, Middle East, America, London and African countries where there is a large number of Pakistanis. Where Memon Group of Companies and Desire Properties have jointly provided an opportunity to make their people’s dreams come true.