Deployment of troops, police approved for AJK elections

Staff Reporter

At the request of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir government, the federal cabinet has approved the deployment of military and paramilitary troops in addition to 11,000 police officials to ensure trans-parent elections on July 25.

In a letter to the interior ministry, the AJK govern-ment had sought the deployment of troops in the region to perform security duties on election day.

The request was forwarded to the cabinet which subsequently approved it through a circular issued late Tuesday night.

In a bid to ensure a fair election, the federal gov-ernment has decided to deploy at least 40,000 police and security officials on polling day.

Out of these 40,000 troops, 19,000 belong to the Pakistan Army, 4,000 belong to the Frontier Con-stabulary, while 2,000 personnel belong to the Paki-stan Rangers.

At least 6,000 officials of the Punjab Police, 4,000 officials of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police, and 1,000 officials officials of the Islamabad Police will also perform duties during the AJK elections.

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