Defence Day

Rameesha Mehak

The Defence Day is celebrated on 6th September every year in the memory of the national heroes – who sacrificed their lives for the defence of country and it is celebrated to tribute our valiant soldiers, jawans and officers of our gallant Armed foes – the Pak Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force. It is celebrated to memorize the bravery of Pakistan nation too.
On 6th September 1965, India attacked Pakistan without warning and tried to occupy our homeland but our forces did not allow the enemy to come forward. Our forces crashed their planes, destroyed their tanks and defeated them at every step. Pakistani nation encouraged the morale of the Armed forces. The singers sang patriotic songs which inspired the morale of the soldiers, fighting for the defence of the motherland.
India had to request UN to stop the war and with UNO interference the war stopped and India had to accept its defeat. We salute our brave forces, our brave nation and our brave leaders who spearheaded the nation to win the war. We should be strong, united and brave to face any critical situation. Pakistan Zindabad!

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