Defence Day


The Defence Day was celebrated on 6 Sept every year in Pakistan to remember the people who gave sacrifices for the defence of the country. Our national security faced the greatest danger when India launched her most aggressive attack on Pakistan on 6 Sept 1965. We were dragged into a battle of survival against an enemy much larger in size and numbers. The brave people of Pakistan displayed immense courage during this fateful war. The entire nation is proud of the supreme success of its armed forces in the war of 1965.
The armed forces of Pakistan are honour-bound to follow their illustrious example and remain always ready to foil the enemy designs with similar spirit and passion. War today is no longer the exclusive domain of the military forces. It is fought on various fronts and is increasingly influenced by technology and economic conditions of a nation.
In spite of our earnest desire for peaceful coexistence, our neighbour is engaged in a military build-up. It is in this perspective that we cannot afford to lower our guards. The challenges ahead will require us a much greater national harmony and cohesion. A monumental task both for the civilians and armed forces personnel is to dedicate all their energies and abilities to make Pakistan a stable and self-reliant nation. In line with the spirit and national unity demonstrated during the September War being above all petty personal, political and other considerations whatsoever, we should all be praying for the safety, security and solidarity of Pakistan. We must pray for the freedom and honour of our God-given motherland Pakistan for now and always.