Debbi Abrahams lauded for UK Foreign Affairs Committee meeting on Kashmir



Raja Najabat Hussain, the chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Movement for Self-determination International has welcomed the special meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament wherein speakers stressed the need for resolution of the Kashmir dispute at the earliest.

Raja Najabat Hussain in a statement said that MP Alicia Kearns, Chairperson of the committee, informed MP Debbie Abrahams, Chairperson of the All Parties Kashmir Parliamentary Group, about the proceedings through a letter.

Debbie Abrahams while greeting British Foreign Affairs Committee said that the insidious face of India is getting exposed in the world’s chambers.

Raja Najabat said that due to the Kashmiris’ struggle and the efforts of Kashmiri-friendly members of UK parliament, the Kashmir cause is getting promotion in Britain and Europe, and the results are visible today.

Jammu and Kashmir Tehreek Haq Khud Irradit UK Chairperson and Deputy Lord Mayor Manchester Councilor Yasmin Dar, Secretary General Muhammad Azam, Councilor Nayela Sharif and others also thanked Debbie Abrahams for her role in arranging the meeting, and said that the way Debbie and her colleagues have represented Kashmir to the British Parliament, the Labor Party, and the Kashmiri and Pakistani community are grateful to her.—KMS