DC Central says nullah affectees deserve no compensation


The affectees in Gujjar Nullah encroachment removal drive were squatters who illegally occupied nullah land and they deserve no rehabilitation or compensation as their establishments are razed, said the district central deputy commissioner on Thursday amid Sindh High Court (SHC) hearing.

The DC Central has termed the nullahaffectees encroachers undeserving of any compensation as the encroachments are being removed while he termed the Sindh KatchiAbadis Authority (SKAA) sanctioned leases.

We will not give any rehabilitation to those who encroached upon the lands designated for nullahs and storm drains, DC Central said in the court today.

He said legally the land for nullahs cannot be leased to the public. SKAA handed out illegally the lease to applicants.

He said it was the apex court that actually ordered the removal from the nullahs. The drive is being carried out to save human lives from catastrophic rains so water is drained out in the nullahs.

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation canceled the lease of land for 30 rain drains that was given to public, he said, adding that it was August 5, 2015 when then Karachi administrator Shoaib Siddiqui directed the then commissioner Sami Siddiqui of scrapping the lease.

We cannot rehabilitate the affectees in this and thus this appeal by them may be discarded, the DC pleaded in the court hearing today.

The SHC bench hearing the affectees’ appeal has recorded the response by the DC central. Affectees seek Supreme Court review of encroachments case verdict

Earlier last month, a separate petition was filed in the Supreme Court seeking review of the verdict pertaining to the removal of encroachments from Karachi’s Gujjar and Oranginullahs.

The affectees have sought the apex court’s review of its June 14 verdict with regard to the demolition of houses.

“There was no reference about 30 feet wide road in the court’s decision,” the review petition said.


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