CWP, JAS repatriate Tanzanian prisoner


The biggest challenge for foreign prisoners from developing countries is arranging funds to travel back home once their sentence is complete.

Often inmates’ country refuses to take them back forcing them to spend their life in a Pakistani jail. Foreign prisoners continue to languish in the country’s jails despite completing their sentences.

The Committee for the Welfare of Prisoners-Legal Aid Office (CWP-LAO) is continuously striving for its repatriation initiatives. A few days ago, with the generous support of JAS Travel Group, the Committee was able to repatriate a Tanzanian prisoner who had completed his sentence in Central Prison Karachi.

Lusaulwa Augustino had completed his sentence nine months ago but remained in the Central Prison of Karachi since being unable to afford plane ticket to go back Tanzania. CWP-LAO team coordinated with JAS Travels to sponsor 50% of his air travel expenditure. Lusaulwa is now back home, safe and sound with his family.

He has reached out to the Committee to express his gratitude for the efforts of reuniting him.


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