CTD unveils 9th Red Book on hardened terrorists


The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) has issued the ninth edition of its Red Book comprised of information about hardened terrorists and desperados on Thursday.

The new edition of the Red Book has been issued after four years with the names of 93 most wanted terrorists, a spokesperson of the CTD said.

According to the spokesperson, the CTD has added the names of the terrorists in the red book, affiliated with outlawed Da’aish, al-Qaida and Tehreek-e- Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Moreover, terrorists of banned Ansar al-Sharia, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jundullah Pakistan, Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan, Sindh Revolutionary Army and Balochistan Liberation Army, have also been added to the red book, CTD spokesperson said.

The names of terrorists affiliated with Aman Committee and the Lyar Gang War have also been included in the book, spokesman said.

“In the red book 12 names of Da’aish, 18 terrorists of al-Qaida, 23 members of outlawed TTP, and four names of Ansar al-Sharia have been included, according to the Counter Terrorism Department.

Meanwhile, 24 most wanted terrorists of Sipah-e-Muhammad, four members of the Sindh Revolutionary Army and five names of the Balochistan Liberation Army have been added to the book.

“Apart of it, the names of 35 wanted terrorists of Lyari Gang War have also been included in the red book,” spokesperson said.

Counter Terrorism Department spokesperson said that 10 terrorists added in the 8th volume of the Red Book were arrested, while seven terrorists were killed.

Five of them were killed in encounters with the law enforcement agencies and two hardened terrorists were reportedly died in Afghanistan and Syria, according to the CTD spokesperson.


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