Court acquits Uzair Baloch in police station attack, rioting cases


A local court acquitted Lyari gang war kingpin Uzair Baloch in two cases of attack on a police station, arson attack and rioting,  it was learnt on Tuesday.

Uzair Baloch, Shahid Rehman alias MCB, Zakir Dada and other accused were produced before the court of Judicial Magistrate South in the case hearing.

Prosecution again failed to prove charges against Baloch and the court acquitted him and co-accused in cases of arson incident in Kalri and attack on Kalakot police station due to lack of substantial evidence.

“The witnesses refused to recognize the accused. They should be immediately released from jail if they are not wanted in other cases”, the court said in its acquittal order.

The police in its charge sheet said that the accused had attacked Kalakot police station in 2014.

In a recent hearing a prosecution witness had identified Uzair Baloch in Baghdadi police station attack case.

During the hearing, prosecution witness deputy superintendent police (DSP) Ali Raza identified Baloch and told the court that the accused and his accomplices had attacked the police station using rifles, grenades and other weapons.

The accused managed to flee from the scene after the police retaliation.

Uzair Baloch, a key character of Lyari gang war, facing dozens of cases of heinous crimes in the city. He has been acquitted in several cases mostly due to lack of evidence and the prosecution’s inability to substantially prove charges against him.