Country heading towards economic crash: IK

Imran Khan
Tariq Saeed

Former Prime Minister and Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has warned that further delay in the holding fair and transparent elections could lead to crashing the already sinking economy of the country the PDM leadership by getting its corruption cases written off has brought the country at the brink of bank-corruptcy.

“Due to the devastating state of economy even the International Monitory Fund and World Bank have predicted that Pakistan is heading towards chaos and the harsh reality is that a bunch of thieves currently ruling Pakistan are unable and incapable of handling the situation”. The PTI Supremo observed while addressing a charged public rally at Charsadda Saturday afternoon.

He said the country needed a peaceful revolution through votes and apprehended that if the peaceful revolution (election) was not allowed the game will get out of hand. He warned that if the attempts were made to stop their revolution (elections), that might lead to widespread devastation that may put the country to Sri Lanka like situation.

“I have a clear message to the rulers as well as those who are behind this Puppet regime that people will not forgive them and they will also have to face the wreathe of the Allah Almighty”. Imran said adding when his government was toppled under a foreign agenda the economy was fast improving. “We don’t have to play second fiddle to any worldly super power nor would we sacrifice our foreign policy for others, to us the Super power is Allah”. He said adding all our decisions will be made in the best interest of the masses and not to appease the foreign masters.

He lamented that the PDM that is ruling the country was pursuing only agenda of price hike against his legitimate government saying today the skyrocketing prices of all the essential items including edibles and fuel have broken all the records. :The masses are justified to ask from these puppet rulers that who is responsible for the unprecedented price hike that has made the survival of a common man almost impossible.” Imran said.

Today the Pakistani currency is losing is value at an alarming pace but the rulers are not concerned at all nor they do they care about the miseries of the poor masses. Imran lamented and added “Instead, all their efforts are only aimed at pushing the PTI leadership to the wall”.

He said it was ironical that the incumbent “corrupt rulers” who have only plundered the national wealth and shifted the looted money abroad have affected 30 % increase in their foreign accounts with in six months. “It’s an irony that they are maintaining billions and trillions of dollar accounts abroad and begging the world for help, in fact they are not at all interested in improving the economy but all their efforts are amassing more money through corrupt practices” .PTI chairman said.

Imran also came hard on secretary general of his own faction of JUI and PDM president Maulana Fazal he was the most corrupt politician and was always ready to issue Fitwa (decree) for the sake of money and uses Islam only for advancing his politics.

He said if come to power would not induct anybody into his cabinet whose money is lying in the foreign banks.

Imran lamented that country was devastated by the floods with Sindh facing record destruction due to floods but no one was ready to help it as “a great thief Zardari is sitting over there whom no body trusts”.

He said the Federal government wasrequired to lend full support to the provinces in meeting the situation after devastating floods.

Imran apprehended that due to wrong policies and mishandling the matters by the federal government, the situation once again was getting alarming in Malakand where peace was restored after great efforts. To maintain law and order in the country was the responsibility of the federal government and institutions working under it. He said it was the KP province that has sacrificed most in the war against terror.

He told the gathering he will soon give call for the real independence and every one would have to respond to that enthusiastically. He also announced to hold another telethon on Sunday (today ) to generate more funds for the flood affectees.


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