Country could face Sri Lanka like crisis if timely remedial measures not taken: Imran


Invites lawyer community to join real freedom movement

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan invited the lawyer community to join the PTI’s ‘real freedom movement’, as at present Pakistan was standing at a crossroads and they must play their role to avert Sri Lanka-like situation in the country. Addressing lawyers at a ceremony organised by the Islamabad High Court Bar Association here on Thursday, PTI Chairman said that crooked and corrupt imported government plunged the country into a severe economic crisis.

He feared that Pakistan could face Sri Lanka like crisis if timely remedial measures were not taken to rid the country of these corrupt rulers. He said that PTI government put the country on the path of development and economy was booming but this inapt and compromised government reversed the PTI government hard gains within few months.

Therefore, Imran Khan said that he would soon give a call for a ‘powerful show’ and urged the lawyers to ensure their participation because it was not a politics but a jihad. Lashing out at Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, he said that Shehbaz’s performance exposed in short span of time because his performance as a chief minister Punjab was just on advertisements.

Imran Khan stated that the imported government did not have any game plan and roadmap to salvage the sinking economy, adding that they were facing trust-deficit, as no country ready to trust the imposed government since they enjoyed no public support. However, he said that they did not worry about the crippling economy and back-breaking inflation because public relief was not in their priority list rather they were mere interested to clear their names of the corruption cases and to appoint officials of their choice to rig the next elections.

PTI Chairman said that they had an example of former Soviet Union, which did not disintegrate because it was military weak; however it broke apart when its economy collapsed. Therefore, he reiterated that the only solution to save the country from sinking in a mire was holding of free and fair elections.

Imran Khan stated that the current government did not bothered about the hardship and miseries of the people, which was evident from the alarming increase of POL prices in less than a month that would further ignite the prices of daily-used items, making the life of the people a hell. Imran Khan said that his government was ousted through the US-backed conspiracy and it was right time to take a stand otherwise no prime minister would be able to formulate an independent foreign policy, as he would be scared to face the US threat.

PTI chairman stated that he was standing against this slavery; otherwise, it was also very convenient for him to agree not to visit Russia, but he rejected the US pressure and visited Moscow for the country’s benefit. He made it clear that the world respected those leaders who took a stand for their national interests, as “shoes polishers” would be looked down upon.

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