Goods transporters announce 40pc increase in fares


Following an increase in the prices of petroleum products, the Pakistan Goods Transporters has also announced a 40 % increase in fares. The fare from Lahore to Karachi has been increased from Rs. 80,000 to Rs 110,000, whereas, the fare from Lahore to Islamabad has been increased from Rs60,000 to Rs80,000.

Similarly, the fare from Lahore to Peshawar has been increased from Rs75,000 to Rs100,000, whereas, Lahore to Mansehra fare has been increased from Rs55,000 to Rs70,000. Moreover, the fare from Lahore to Multan has been increased from Rs40,000 to Rs50,000, whereas, Lahore to Quetta fare has been increased from Rs110,000 to Rs140,000.

Pakistan Goods Transporters General Secretary Nabil Tariq said that the government should take some effective measures for the betterment of the economy, for the businesses were closing due to continuously rising prices of petroleum products. The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) has witnessed a storm of inflation following the unprecedented hike in the prices of petroleum products, for the public transporters have massively increased the fares. It is learnt that the travel cost at local transport has been increased by Rs30 per stop, whereas, the taxi drivers have also added Rs100 to the fares.

Meanwhile the current increases in fuel prices third time in last 20 days has hit public transport fares again and the transporters are likely to increase the fares by 35 percent without an official fare list. In Rawalpindi the fares are likely to increase from 2000 to 2250, in Faisalabad from 1050 to 1250 and in Sargodha from 950 to 1100. Peshawar s fares are likely to increase from 2300 to 2500 while the fares increase for Murree is likely to increase 2300 to 2450.

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