Cothm Express — The Pakistan’s school recognized internationally | By M Nadeem Bhatti


Cothm Express — The Pakistan’s school recognized internationally

Our world exists on 195 countries in which 193 are the member states of UN (United Nations). Adopting the culture, and heritage of other countries have become very popular.

People from all over the globe love visit other countries so that they get an idea of the living hood that were unknown to them before.

It is a very good indication that people are excited to know different things about other states and consequently, the tourism has evolved during last two decades.

Through tourism, we can do exports and import to other member countries as well as it can enhance the relationship between different countries.

Also, one can get a better understanding of international standards by visiting other states and learning their cultures. Japan is the country that posses the oldest culture in the world.

Also, with the population of about 59.7 million, Italy ranks number one in the countries having best cultural influence.

Cothm is the only school of Pakistan that is Internationally recognized, and is affiliated & accredited by top ranking British, American and European awarding bodies for gold standard Arts, Travel, Hospitality, Tourism, food safety, and Baking.

It is the institution that has taken the initiative to teach its students about different cultures and provide them with the knowledge regarding food, festivals, and rituals of other developed states.

All the credit goes to its founder Mian Shafiq who managed to start such an institution which is one of its kind in our country. The school is helping Pakistan in the improvement of its foreign policy.

The school has 16 fully equipped campuses across the country, offering live IATA Training to its Travel, Airline management, and Tourism students. It also has exclusive international awards standard academic and training/learning resources including research papers, and books.

In our country, Hospitality and tourism industry has immense potential for creating career and jobs opportunities for the young generation.

While speaking on the occasion of the Convocation Ceremony of Cothm Pakistan & Dubai organized at Islamabad Marriott Hotel, the Honorable Ms. Wajiha Qamar, Parliamentary Secretary for Federal Education & Professional Training said: “We can generate a huge revenue if we promote our tourism industry and consequently, people will have more jobs and financial stability will be there too.”

There is no shortage of talent in our country in any domain. We can develop our youth to become part of the workforce of every sector, industry, and field in all regions of the world.

Through top-rated institutions, the government is trying to promote and develop the country and it will help create millions of new opportunities for employment for the youth.

We urge on the need and status of professional and meaningful education which can lead the state to the path of economic empowerment and social uplift.

We are going through tough times, and it is the need of the hour that best educational institutions should be made so that our kids can get the required skills and education.

We highly appreciate the role of Cothm in the development of skilled youth and promoting the tourism, food, aviation, and hospitality sector of Pakistan.

The MD PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) Rana Aftab-Ur-Rehman, highlighted the significance of the tourism and hospitality sector in providing motivation and push to the economy of the country. Being a labor-intensive industry, he added, it can be capitalized for job creation for our jobless people.

Our youth is one of our country’s greatest assets. If provided with the right quality training and skills, we can achieve everything and boost our national economy.

Among other notables included His Excellency German Ambassador to Pakistan (Mr. Bernhard Schlagheck), Honorary Consul General of Cyprus in Pakistan, Mian Habib-Ullah, Mr. Masood M Khan, Hon. Consul General, Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania.

Recently, the students of COTHM showcased the cuisine, culture, language, hospitality, and tourism of 16 countries including USA, UK, Japan, Italy, Australia, China, and Germany.

The core objective of the event was to connect human beings around the world in thread of unity through a set of universal values of life like goodwill, friendship, tolerance, respect, and solidarity.

It was a tremendous function graced by the prominent national & international commercial important personalities; heartiest gratitude was offered by them regarding the super initiative of Cothm which was being announced as a Cothm Express of superb abilities of relationships with the neighboring countries and super powers.

The Founder & CEO of Cothm Pakistan & Dubai, Mr. Ahmad Shafiq, expressed his gratitude for the Chief Guest, Guests of Honors, and public for their participation in the event. He added that “through tourism and hospitality sector, we can transform our economy and project a positive image of Pakistan across the globe. The export talent and potential of our skilled and qualified youth can play an important role in strengthening our national treasury through foreign remittances.

There is no doubt in the fact that Cothm is one its kind reputable place and institution that is playing a superb role in strengthening our young generation.

Moreover, if each of our kids get quality education, then definitely one day, Pakistan will reach up to extreme extent when we do not have to rely on other countries for education, IT, medicine, and technology

. We suggest the government to appreciate such kind of institutions and organizations that are trying their best to extract a positive image of our state.

Education up to graduation and health facilities are the basic rights of our citizens and all these facilities should be given to them according to the international standards.

Through promoting our tourism and food industry, Pakistan can grow and can generate revenue in trillions of US $. We encourage our people to depict the positive image of Pakistan through a platform whichever suits them and together, we will work hard and make Pakistan a developed, and peaceful country to live in.

—The Writer is a Senior Social & Economic Ana-lyst Can be found at [email protected]


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