Concern expressed over DEO transfer

Adam Khan Wazir

DEO Amir Mohammad Bettani was the only education officer who wanted to rehabilitate South Waziristan educational institutions and ensure teacher attendance at schools, said newly elected Chairman Sarvekai Shah Faisal Ghazi. In South Waziristan Sarwekai sub-division newly elected chairman Shah Faisal Ghazi has said that the short term transfer of the district education officer of South Waziristan is a matter of concern for the tribal people.

He said that a certain corrupt mafia which does not want the educational institutions of South Waziristan to be inhabited and the children of the nation to be aware of the jewel of education. He further said that Amir Muhammad Bettani was the only education officer who wanted resettlement of educational institutions in South Waziristan.

And they wanted to ensure the attendance of teachers at schools, but in the short term, the public has expressed serious concern over their transfer. Shah Faisal Ghazi also said that we want the functioning of all institutions including educational institutions and hospitals in our war-torn area.

And the only way to develop the region is to give our children a good education when our architects of the nation, the teachers and the officers of the educational institutions, are honest. It is not only unfortunate that we have exchanged the present Education Officer Amir Mohammad for no reasonRather, it is tantamount to pushing Waziristan into darkness. Said locals and strongly demanded to the high authorities, the transfer of DEO Amir Mohammad should be canceled immediately.


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