Controversial census results detrimental for Karachi, claims Kamal


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Thursday said that the approval and publishing of the controversial census results is indeed the genocide of masses of the economic lifeline of Pakistan.

“PTI and its ally MQM have stabbed Karachi in its back. Already, the people of Karachi are not getting their fair share out of the country’s resources,” Kamal told a meeting of the heads of CEC, national council and party’s central departments at the Pakistan House.

He added that people would face more challenges in getting basic necessities of life including water, electricity, gas, public health, education, jobs, infrastructure etc as their head counts have been deliberately under represented to deprive them of their rights and resources from the federation and province.

If the census is not carried out properly, the citizens of this city will not get their due rights and resources with proportion to the actual population, he added. The people of Karachi are deeply frustrated by the prejudiced attitude of the federal and provincial governments.

Karachi generates 69% and 90% of the total revenue of the national and Sindh respectively, is being treated worse than a stepchild by both the federal and provincial government, Kamal said .

He warned that God forbid, if the growing unrest among the people is once again exploited by the anti-state forces to carry out their nefarious intentions, the PTI and its ally MQM will be directly held responsible for the dire consequences.

He further said that PSP would neither leave people at the mercy of tyrant, apathetic and bigoted rulers nor will it allow peace to be destabilised in country’s economic hub.

The PSP will go to any lengths to address public issues.Kamal further said that the present political leadership would have focused on electoral reforms for the transparency of elections if they  were convinced of their popularity among the people.

But those who come to power illegitimatelyalways have to keep backdoors open for themselves to prolong their rule.

That is why Pakistan is still struggling while the nations that gained independence after us have become more developed than us.

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