LG secretary keen to make KMC a profitable institution


Secretary Local Government, Housing and Town Planning Syed Najam Ahmad Shah has said that urgent steps need to be taken to make Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) a profitable and truly functioning entity,

He added that a mechanism should be set up for the payment of liabilities and dues.

These views were expressed by the secretary local government while presiding over a meeting held at his office in which officials including administrator Karachi participated.

Ahmad Shah said that in order to improve the affairs and economic situation of KMC, a comprehensive and integrated strategy needs to be formulated under which all payments should be made on time and comprehensive strategy should also be formulated for permanent revenue generation.

He added that the rent agreements and contracts of the properties of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation which have been acquired by various entities for commercial purposes should be renewed in accordance with the current market trends and in keeping view of the future needs.

The secretary said that all departments and offices of KMC should be made fully functional and the system of collection of taxes should be made efficient and active.

He said that the Sindh government is fully focused and striving to make KMC an ideal and progressive institution and will continue to provide its support to the corporation.